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Floor Mopping
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Effective floor cleaning services

Look after your floors, with CSG Clean. Book our team today and enjoy pristine flooring throughout your premises.

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Start looking after your flooring

Flooring is easily one of the most-used parts of any property, especially in a commercial setting where countless members of staff, visitors and customers treat on it. If your floors are dirty, tired and worn, speak to the team at CSG Clean.


Using high-quality cleaning products along with the latest technology, we provide superior commercial floor care services to our large client base. Our floor care specialists have many years of experience and can transform dull, tired and drab flooring.

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Bring out the best in your carpets

Regular cleaning of your office carpets can improve the air quality in your office, and make your office a healthier environment for your employees and clients. We utilised tailored cleaning solutions and equipment, which help to restore the colour and appearance of carpets, whilst ensuring they are clean and presentable.

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We can also handle hard flooring

Don’t forget to pay attention to your hard floors! We can offer a strip and seal service to brighten up your hard floors and remove any unsightly marks and stains from the surface of your flooring. Our services are ideal for a range of flooring types, including vinyl, tiles, laminates and wood. Whether your hard flooring is in a share kitchen, restrooms or hallways, you can trust our team to provide a professional, high-quality service.

"The 4th floor carpets were a mess particularly beside the plant room door and some areas in the corridors. The carpets have come up really well removing heavy stains, please pass on my thanks to Jarek – Great Job!"


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Ready to tackle any project

Over the last 40 years, we have provided cleaning services to a wide range of clients. Whether you run a small care home or a large retail unit, we can provide an effective service at any scale, and always aim to be competitive on price.

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Enjoy cleaner floors today. Speak to CSG Clean now:

01224 772770

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