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Our ESG credentials 

At CSG, we believe in the power of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles to drive positive change and create a sustainable future for generations to come. As a responsible corporate citizen, we are committed to integrating ESG considerations into every aspect of our business operations, from our day-to-day practices to our long-term strategic decisions.

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Our ESG initiative embodies our dedication to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and transparent governance practices. Through this initiative, we aim to not only minimise our environmental footprint but also enhance social well-being and uphold the highest standards of corporate governance.

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We are proud to be enrolled in the Net Zero 300 Programme that is a collaboration between Edinburgh University’s Climate Change Institute and The Royal Bank of Scotland. This enables us to continually identify more sustainable processes and practice in our operations.


So far, we have installed solar panels on our HQ roofline, provided electric charging points and LED lighting, as well as committing to electric only forklifts for our warehouse operations and undertaking recycling programs. We have worked with a local manufacturer based in Aberdeen to produce more environmentally friendly cleaning agents as well as offering up deionised water as an alternative to chemical cleaning on some surfaces. Our road to Net Zero is very much under way.

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We are delighted to be involved with several local and national charities in fund-raising activities across the region.


CSG Clean is committed to gender equality, both in the workplace and in general society. We are proud of our Gender Pay Gap report that continually demonstrates how all our staff are treated equally. Our workforce is highly valued and incredibly diverse, with over 20 nationalities employed across our business.


Our Executive Board is a 50:50 split between female and male, the company being majority owned by our female directors.

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CSG Clean is a recognised service provider of the Living Wage Foundation.

We have committed to always offering a real Living Wage bid alongside every market rate submission to all prospective and current clients. This means the client always has the choice to implement the real Living Wage at the point of tender.

Communication is key and we hold periodic Town Halls, informing staff of ongoing developments within the business and encouraging participation and contribution of ideas with regards to how we can improve every aspect of our service delivery.

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