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Benefit from modern commercial cleaning equipment 

At CSG Clean, we utilise the latest cleaning technology to provide an exceptional service to our clients. Learn more about the equipment and techniques we use, or speak to our team now.

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modern cleaning solutions

As cleaning needs change, cleaning companies must keep up, in order to offer the best service possible. At CSG Clean we have invested heavily in new technologies and high-quality commercial cleaning equipment, allowing us to provide a more efficient, thorough and affordable service to all our clients, from office managers through to landlords.


We offer a range of services and products which aim to make cleaning more efficient, and properties more enjoyable spaces to spend time in. Learn more about our technologies today, or get in touch with our friendly team to discover more. Based in Aberdeen, our cleaning experts are available throughout the region.

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Thermal destratification fans

Thermal stratification is when warmer air rises, leading colder, denser air at the bottom of a space. This can be a problem in larger or tall buildings, where higher levels experience hotter temperatures. Destratification fans can make a big difference in rebalancing air temperatures and densities.


The CSG AIRIUS Standard Series of free-hanging destratification fans are our most popular ranges, selling over 200,000 units worldwide.


The Standard Series is available in a range of models for any type of building with ceiling heights from 2.5m to 32m. CSG AIRIUS units work alongside all types of heating and cooling equipment and are an extremely efficient replacement for duct work.

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Surface protection

Sanitising products must be evaluated regularly, to ensure they can keep protecting against bacteria and viruses, which are constantly evolving. As an industry we are always finding new ways to keep ahead of these invisible enemies.

At CSG Clean, we have developed CSG Genica, which uses electrostatic spraying technology to create a magnetic attraction between the cleaning spray droplets and the surfaces targeted. This ensures cleaning solutions have much better transfer and coverage.


This touchless cleaning method ensures great coverage, whilst minimizing the risk of bacterial or viral transfer.

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Air purification

Air quality is something that we call care about, and air purifiers go a long was in reducing the presence of microbials, dust, particles and viruses. They help to capture contaminants, and thus provide Indoor air quality improvement .


Representing RGF, our CSG Clean purification technology forms a key part of out ‘monitor and protect’ solutions. With this technology, we aim to significantly cut the risk of airborne contaminants and the risk or viral transfer.


The technology operates well below accepted safety levels between 0.02-0.04 ppm, 2% of EH40/2005 workplace exposure limit for Hydrogen Peroxide – ensuring your business is operating safely at all times.

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Air purification

"Very happy with the standard received from Kasia."


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