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Create efficient cleaning schedules with our cutting-edge solutions

Utilise 21st century solutions today. For services in Scotland, speak to CSG Clean now.

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Benefit from a more efficient cleaning schedule

Keeping on top of your cleaning rota is a must, but with larger sites, it’s easy to lose track of what’s been cleaned, and what needs to be cleaner. CSG Clean has the answer.


In addition to providing office cleaning and other services, we can provide businesses with the tools to create a more effective cleaning and hygiene plan. Utilising the latest technology from our proprietary CSG OccupAir system, we can help you better utilise your own cleaning staff, minimise waste, and improve overall standards in your organisation.

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Enjoy a full management-level view

Consisting of the OccupAir MINI sensor and OccupAir software, you can enjoy data on cleaning operations across your entire site. Monitor how frequently areas are in use, including peak times, so you can plan your cleaning rota accordingly. For even more useful data, you can also upgrade your system with our MICRO desk sensors.

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Update your teams with ease

With our system, it’s super easy to update your cleaning teams. Send out notifications to smartphones, notifying which areas need cleaning, and in what order. Accurate heatmaps (in red, yellow and green) highlight the areas of higher priority. Notifications can be sent automatically once the data from sensors is in, at a time of your choosing.

“Thank you so much for this, please believe me when I say I really appreciate it. So good to have an organised person.”


Cleaning the Floor

The benefits of OccupAir:

  • Track which areas have been cleaned/need cleaning

  • Monitor individual rooms and areas, to see if spaces need focused cleaning

  • Prevent double handling of spaces

  • Reduce cleaning waste/overuse of resources

  • Provides evidence of cleaning, to ensure an effective hygiene plan

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Enjoy more efficient cleaning services. Get in touch with CSG Clean to learn more.

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