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Care home cleaners you can depend on

Ensure your care home is clean, safe and welcoming thanks to CSG Clean. Get in touch with our specialists to discuss your cleaning needs.

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Dedicated, dependable cleaning teams

As care home, you’ll want to private a safe, welcoming and clean space for your residents. Whether you support members of the community with additional needs, or provide around the clock care for the elderly, CSG Clean is here to help.


Our team of experienced cleaners have years of experience in providing dedicated cleaning services ideal for the care sector. We are committed to creating safe, hygienic and welcoming environments for residents, visitors and staff.


Our Aberdeen-based team is available throughout the wider area.

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We can clean:

  • Resident’s rooms

  • Shared areas

  • Washroom facilities

  • Kitchens

  • Front of house/welcome areas

  • Windows

  • Flooring

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Infection control and hygiene

Hygiene and infection control is an essential part of running a care home, especially after Covid-19 disrupted our whole way of life. We adhere to strict controls, utilising hospital-grade cleaning products to ensure we can provide the highest standards of cleanliness.

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A respectful and caring team

CSG Clean appreciated the hard work that carers do, and so will always do our part to support what you do for the community. Our cleaners are compassionate and respectful to both residents and staff, and always strive to create a positive and friendly environment whilst we are attending your care home.

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Choose reputable and compassionate cleaners for your care home. Get in touch with our team today.

01224 772770

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