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Integration of Technology in Cleaning

Updated: Feb 23

The commercial cleaning industry, just like almost every other industry, is constantly evolving. CSG are always on the lookout for new technologies to help us advance and remain up to date in the world of commercial cleaning. While our friendly staff ensure that we can provide high-quality customer service on a day-to-day basis, it’s with the integration of new emerging technologies within the business that really sets us apart. The use of cutting-edge tech such as electrostatic cleaning, air purifiers and destratification fans has allowed CSG to undertake bigger jobs in a more efficient manner than before and increases our arsenal of services that we are able to deliver.


While we have a range of brilliant cleaning technology, we have also in the last few months rolled out the ‘Timegate’ app amongst our staff, which allows CSG to ensure that the cleaning needs of our clients are being met every day. Technology allows us to maintain quality control across the business and ensures that we can continue to deliver our promise of providing a premium service to all our customers.


It is a very exciting time for CSG with lots of progression being made, with more on the horizon. Integrating new technologies into our work signifies the changes that are being made to ensure that we can provide our tailor-made services to each and every customer with utmost precision and care.



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