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Electrostatic Cleaning Case Study: Classroom Sanitisation

Updated: Feb 23


The outbreak of Covid-19 highlighted the challenges associated with maintaining proper sanitation in educational settings such as classrooms. Creating a clean and hygienic workspace for both students and staff has become a complex task due to the unique characteristics of modern classrooms.


The worries of teachers, staff, and parents about contracting the virus and its potential transmission are paramount. However, effectively disinfecting a multifaceted environment like a classroom poses its own set of challenges.


Genica specialises in the field of infection prevention and has pioneered innovative methods for thoroughly sanitising all areas within a school building. This includes diverse items such as playthings, carpets, drapes, and frequently touched surfaces. Our approach is not only swift and secure but also remarkably cost-effective compared to intensive cleansing procedures. We achieve this by merging innovative electrostatic spraying technology with the proven efficacy of Byotrol - a combination that ensures your educational environment attains the same level of safety and hygiene as that of a hospital setting.



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